Why you NEED to eat healthy fats?

For many years we were told that FAT was BAD and you should be eating low fat food products. We now learn that in order to make those low fat products taste any good, manufacturers replaced fat with sugar. We also know that adding extra sugar adds no nutritional value, all it does is add calories – making the ‘healthy product’ rather unhealthy. Flavoured low fat yoghurt is a perfect example of this situation. 

So why should we rather be choosing full fat plain yoghurt? Turns out healthy fat is super important for your body to be healthy. Healthy fats give your body energy, support cell growth and keep your body warm. Fatty acids are also necessary for fat-soluble vitamin absorption (such as vitamins A,D, E and K) and help with hormone production. But how do you know what to choose in order to ensure you’re eating the right fat? Luckily, physically there is a difference between good and bad fat. Healthy fats are liquid at room temperature (e.g. olive oil), unlike most saturated and trans fats which are solid (e.g. butter, animal fat).

So before you choose that low fat option, maybe take a moment to check the ingredients and learn what’s really in your food. If you don’t like what you see, or know what you’re putting in your mouth – maybe you should ask your parents for some advice!