Insomnia has been found to be directly linked to stress. Unfortunately insomnia is a common sleep disorder and estimates suggest that as many as 10-30% of adults live with insomnia. You probably have insomnia if you can’t fall asleep despite having plenty of time to sleep, experience excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, irritability and other impairments when awake. Chronic insomnia is when symptoms occur three times a week or more.

The daytime effects related to insomnia, as a result of stress, include:

Feelings of fatigue and malaise
Difficulty paying attention, concentrating, or accessing memories
Impaired performance in social, family, professional, or academic settings
Irritability and mood disturbances
Hyperactivity, aggression, impulsivity, and other behavioural issues
Decreased energy and motivation
Increased risk for errors and accidents

Multiple stressors in your life can contribute to insomnia. Perhaps consider writing down what you are thinking about when you next find yourself lying awake at night. No matter how trivial, pick up a paper and pen and write down your thoughts. This may give you some insight into what is perturbing you.

Some stressors are short term, such as moving house or a new project or an exam [1]. These stressors will pass and your insomnia with it too, hopefully. However, if you find that you are sleeping poorly more frequently, you may have chronic insomnia, which may make you feel anxious about sleeping and other aspects of your life, which in turn makes the insomnia worse. Consider contacting your healthcare practitioner to assist in finding the right solution for you.

In addition to insomnia, chronic stress can lead to sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is caused by a recurring collapse of the upper airway during sleep, which can cause heavy snoring and choking episodes along with excessive daytime sleepiness and other daytime impairments. If you think you have sleep apnoea, contact your healthcare provider. Sleep apnoea can be corrected, so don’t delay, and may the VITAFORCE be with you!

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