2-Phase Release Tech

Are you feeling tired and lethargic? Perhaps your immunity has taken a knock? Or are you wanting to make sure you stay at your peak mental and physical form? Luckily Vitaforce has been working on developing vitamins that deliver the right minerals and vitamins to your body throughout the day.

Vitaforce contains a unique 2-phase release technology that gives you an initial nutrient boost followed by a sustained release of nutrients that lasts ALL DAY LONG!

The Vitaforce multi’s and stress range is made of top quality, high potency vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitaforce multivitamins’ unique 2-phase release technology provides an initial nutrient boost followed by sustained release to ensure the nutrients last all day and assist in reducing the mid-day slump.

Nutri-B by Vitaforce also has a unique 2-phase release supplement that helps your body cope with stressful day-to-day living and fight fatigue. It contains the essential multivitamins and minerals that your body needs to function at its optimal level.

Specially formulated for women and men that need sustained vitality that lasts all day long – Vitaforce multivitamins help you live life everyday, to the max.


Featured Products

  • Ladyvite 60’s

    Vitaforce Ladyvite is a unique 2-Phase Release comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement for women between the ages of 18-50 to perform at their peak.

  • Mensvite 60’s

    Vitaforce Mensvite is a unique 2-Phase Release comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement for men between the ages of 18-50 to help them perform at their peak.1

  • Nutri-B 60’s

    Vitaforce Nutri-B’s unique 2-phase release contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue for those leading a high-pressure lifestyle. Vitaforce Nutri-B supports the nervous system and psychological function.

  • Nutri-B Advanced 60’s

    Vitaforce Nutri-B Advanced is a unique 2-phase release multivitamin that contributes to normal mental and physical performance, and supports vitality, immune health and helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue associated with chronic stress.


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Our Heritage

Vitaforce was established in 1973 and has been a trusted name in health supplements for over 45 years and is proudly South African.