Are carbohydrates our downfall?

With the rise of eating fads such as banting, keto diets etc, we often hear people demonise carbohydrates. For those trying to lose weight, carbohydrates and sugars are also the foods that are usually dropped from a meal plan. However, this isn’t ideal. Carbohydrates (carbs) definitely have their place on our plate. We just need to pick the right ones, and the right amount too.

Carbs play an important role in a healthy and balanced diet – but it’s the ‘right’ kind of carbs. Foods such as brown rice (great fibre) and legumes (filled with protein) are carbs, but they are complex, they have fibre and protein surrounding the carbohydrate/sugar element of the plant, this ensures that the energy released from this food, is released slowly, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. They also don’t spike your sugar levels, like refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, snack foods like chips, crackers and pretzels) do. These ‘man-made’ carbohydrates cause a sugar spike, and regular sugar spikes can lead to insulin problems and eventually diabetes. 

The answer is therefore simple, pick your carbs carefully. Choose moderate portions (half a potato versus a whole bag of deep fried chips), and choose foods that come from the ground, not a factory. If it’s been processed, think twice and consider an alternative. Your body will thank you.