Superfoods – fact or fiction?

The short answer is that Superfoods aren’t fact or fiction. The actual term ‘Superfood’ is a ‘new age’ term and not a legal or standardised definition. Does that mean it’s all hocus pocus? Not at all. The term Superfood usually refers to foods that have a very high nutritional density – meaning they provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories1. They also have a high number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants1. Sounds super to us! The problem is that eating superfoods on top of a poor diet isn’t going to make you any healthier. You need to start looking at your diet, making some small easy changes there and then topping up with superfoods, or good quality multivitamins.

These tips can help you get more superfoods into your diet1:

  • Look at the colours on your plate – if all of your food is brown or beige then it is likely that antioxidant levels are low. Add foods rich colour like kale, beets, and berries.
  • Try adding shredded greens to soups or stir fries.
  • Try replacing your beef or poultry with salmon or tofu.
  • Add berries to oatmeal, cereal, salads or baked goods.
  • Make sure you have a fruit or a vegetable every time you eat, including meals and snacks.
  • Have a daily green or matcha tea.
  • Make turmeric, cumin, oregano, ginger, clove, and cinnamon your go-to spices to increase the antioxidant content of your meals.
  • Snack on nuts, seeds (especially Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds) and dried fruit (with no sugar or salt added).