You don’t need a retreat to de-stress, try doing these simple activities

All too often we feel as though we need to get away from it all, escape, leave reality behind and reset our body and mind. It’s true, we do, but more often than not, we’re constrained by the number of leave days and available cash we have on hand. We therefore need to be able to take care of ourselves at home, and give ourselves ‘time out’. Here are some simple steps to allow yourself to retreat and recuperate this coming weekend:

  1. Block out your diary – you heard us! It’s time to say no and leave the FOMO behind. There will be another braai, party, dinner, breakfast get together next weekend – we promise. You need to prioritise you!
  2. Do the shopping on Friday or even better, do it online. Make sure you have all the foodstuffs and treats you need for your weekend.
  3. Stay off the socials. Do your last post on Friday – tell everyone your taking some time out and you’ll reconnect on Monday. Then turn off your social media notifications. If it’s urgent, your people will call you.
  4. What will make your time out extra special? A bath with divine smellies? A hike or a run? Green juice or a glass of excellent wine? Make sure you really spoil yourself the way you know you should.
  5. Sleep. Yup, it’s that easy. Sleep as much as you can. Switch off alarms, make sure you close your curtains properly, sprinkle some lavender oil on your pillow to relax. Do whatever it takes to make your bedroom palatial and divine to be in.   
  6. Make it happen – NOW!